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Internal Inquiries


Sometimes, a business or an organization experiences an internal event in which an employee or other representative may have engaged in conduct that does not appear to serve the best interests of the business or organization, its public persona.
It then behooves the business or organization to retain the services of an independent professional to scrutinize the event, endeavor to ascertain the truth of the matter and to provide a confidential report as directed by the managers.
Independence, professionalism, experience and confidentiality are the hallmarks for the person retained to conduct the investigation.
During the course of his 29 year of private practice, Gary Oxenhandler assisted his clients in designing effective business strategies and resolving the internal business predicaments that often plague businesses and organizations of all kinds and sizes. While on the Bench and serving as the Presiding Judge of the 13th Judicial Circuit, Gary used those same skills to guide his Court through the country-wide budget crunch and the state-wide Public Defender crisis.
Gary’s years as a private practice lawyer, the public positions of trust that he has held, his service as a Circuit Court Judge and Presiding Judge for a Circuit comprised of some 225,000 citizens, strongly suggest that Gary exemplifies the hallmarks required of such an investigator.
Gary has spent his life endeavoring to place his finger on the truth. He can assist you in getting your Missouri business or organization back on track.

If your company is experiencing the need for an internal inquiry, or might be in the situation in the near future, please contact us right away for an initial consultation. Getting help sooner means you may avoid legal pitfalls on the horizon. Call (573) 449-2929.