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Oxenhandler Law announces local support for True/False Film Fest

true-false-film-festival-logoOxenhandler Law, a Columbia, MO law firm, has announced its founding partner, Josh Oxenhandler will be a supporter of the True/False Film Fest in the role of legal adviser. The festival has been an international success bringing light to thousands of documentary films each year.

Josh Oxenhandler, a founding partner in the firm, says, “My personal work with the festival over the last twelve years has been an extraordinary experience. Each year, the festival continues to surprise me with the way it reveals the realities and truths being spotlighted by the creative film teams bringing their work to the event.”

“It is a thrill to be able to be involved with the organization because of both the great people I get to advise and the explosive growth of the festival itself year over year. The annual growth creates a constant crop of new legal situations which I help guide the organization through including contracts, staffing, and liability.”

“I encourage anybody interested in the festival to support it and to consider volunteering to add to its success.”

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