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Family Law

Name Change Steps

It is common for individuals to change their name in the event of marriage or divorce, which is a relatively simple process involving showing proof of marriage or divorce at the Social Security office and Department of Motor Vehicles. However, if you desire to change your name for reasons other than marriage or divorce, the [...]

Child Support Explanation

As an expert in family law in Columbia, MO, we frequently get questions related to child support. Child support is an ongoing payment to the custodial parent to support the needs of the child, most often by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent. The amount of child support, is determined by a multitude of [...]

Alimony Insight

Spousal Support, or Alimony, has historically been given to women in order to maintain the lifestyle they had while married after a divorce. This is no longer a common practice. In modern day divorce, however, spousal support may be awarded if one spouse is left at a significant economic disadvantage, regardless of his or her [...]